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Investment objective

The Alpha Global Opportunities Fund is designed for investors seeking strong long-term returns by investing in a strategically-managed, globally-diversified portfolio of predominately exchange listed equities. It aims to outperform (after fund fees and expenses, and before taxes) the MSCI World Accumulation Index on a rolling 5 to 7 year basis. In achieving this, the Fund will invest in a core component of global equities. The other component will actively seek to take advantage of strategic country and asset allocation, as well as security pricing opportunities, by investing in a diverse range of securities across the globe. The composition and performance of the Fund may differ significantly from its benchmark.

Investments held

The Alpha Global Opportunities Fund gains international exposure to predominately exchange listed equities and other securities, by investing into international equities managed funds

Minimum suggested investment timeframe

The minimum suggested investment timeframe for the Alpha Global Opportunities Fund is 5 to 7 years. The minimum suggested timeframe is a general guide only, and does not take into account your individual circumstances. We advise investors to seek financial advice to determine an appropriate investment period for the Alpha Global Opportunities Fund.

Investment Managers

Polaris Capital Management

Polaris is a deep value unconstrained global equities manager who invests across the market capitalisation spectrum. Based in Boston, Polaris has a 30 year investment history. The founder of the firm and lead portfolio manager, Bernard Horn, has interesting insights and a strong conviction to his philosophy. The Polaris Global Equity Strategy follows a very clearly defined investment approach, whereby all investments are subject to a proprietary cost of equity calculation which avoids 'false value', and invests only in true value opportunities. The strategy offers investors access to true global exposure through allocation to a large number of countries, including emerging markets, i.e. access to true value, regardless of location. Historically the strategy has demonstrated ability to fully participate in the upside of strong market rallies, while limiting the downside capture, a unique return profile with low correlation to many existing strategies in the market.

Magellan Asset Management Limited

Magellan Asset Management Limited (Magellan) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Securities Exchange-listed Magellan Financial Group Limited. Magellan establishes and operates globally focused investment funds for retail, high net worth and institutional investors.

Alliance Bernstein

Alliance Bernstein has grown significantly since its genesis in 1967 with offices in 22 countries, 3,490 employees and managing $485 billion in assets. AB has a comprehensive range of research, portfolio-management, wealth-management and client-service offices around the world, reflecting its global capabilities and the needs of its clients. AB's global teams collaborate across asset classes and investment strategies in order to spark new thinking and deliver superior outcomes for clients.

Wellington Management

Wellington Management offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span nearly all segments of the global capital markets. Their investment solutions, tailored to the unique return and risk objectives of institutional clients in more than 50 countries, draw on a robust body of proprietary research and a collaborative culture that encourages independent thought and healthy debate. Since its humble beginnings in 1928, the business has grown to include 12 offices worldwide, catering for over 2100 clients managing $936 billion in assets.


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Information on this page is general advice only and is not personal advice. It does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Please review a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement to determine if this is a suitable investment to meet your needs or speak to your financial adviser before you make any decision to invest.

Funds invested are not guaranteed and their value will rise and fall in line with market forces. Past performance is no guarantee of future return.

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Who should invest?

The Fund is designed for investors seeking exposure to a globally diversified portfolio of predominately international equities with the potential to achieve long term capital growth and dividends

Investments held

Predominately global share managed funds


MSCI World ex-Australia Index

Minimum recommended investment time frame

5 to 7 years

Investment manager

Alpha Fund Managers Pty Ltd

Responsible entity

Equity Trustees Limited

Minimum initial investment


Minimum additional investment


Minimum withdrawal


Minimum balance


Withdrawal of monies under normal circumstances

Within 7 days

Valuation frequency


Unit price

Generally determined each business day based on the Net Asset Value of the Fund

Buy/Sell spread

0.35% / 0.35%

Income distribution

At least annually

Management costs

1.50% p.a.

Performance fees

Yes - Refer to PDS

Date of inception

March 2007

Please refer to the Alpha Fund Series PDS for further information