Investment Process

Alpha Fund Managers Portfolio Management


Alpha Fund Managers core offering is the portfolio management of highly specialised investment strategies and bringing together a ‘best of breed’ investment team, across eight asset class funds.



Alpha Fund Managers has developed an effective and repeatable investment process. The cornerstone of the Alpha Fund Managers core investment process is based on the following key areas:


  • Asset class research
  • Investment manager research
  • Diversified sources of active returns
  • Portfolio construction and risk management
  • Performance attribution, manager monitoring and evaluations


Alpha portfolio management

Depth and experience of the investment team


One of the fundamental tasks we perform at Alpha Fund Managers is manager research and selection. Alpha Fund Managers uses a rigorous research process – both quantitative and qualitative  – to identify suitable managers and strategies. Quantitative tools are used to narrow the possible manager selection universe and to perform ongoing manager monitoring. Onsite due diligence is conducted on all shortlisted managers as part of the qualitative assessment.

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Investment philosophy, style and process


Alpha Fund Managers will assess each manager’s unique investment philosophy, style and process using a combination of tools and processes.  Blending analysis is then performed under various market conditions in combination with other managers. In combining managers together Alpha Fund Managers is looking for equity correlations to be reduced and differing but desired outcomes from investment managers.

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Performance track record


Performance attribution is an important element in the portfolio construction process. Whilst not a guarantee of future performance, each manager’s historical performance and risk attributes are assessed over various market cycles to measure the probability of out-performance under different market conditions.

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Risk management


Alpha Fund Managers works hard to construct and maintain portfolios to ensure risk management overlays are appropriate on an ongoing basis.