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Alpha Diversified Income Fund

The Fund is designed for investors seeking diversified exposure to both Australian and international fixed interest and hybrid securities with the potential to achieve a higher yield than that offered by exposure to traditional fixed interest securities and government bonds, with moderate capital preservation.


Minimum initial investment


Minimum additional investment


Minimum withdrawal


Buy/Sell spread

0.92% p.a.

Management costs (including service costs)


Minimum balance

Investment objective
Investments held


The Alpha Diversified Income Fund is designed for investors seeking high yields with high capital preservation, by investing in a globally-diversified portfolio of fixed interest and high yield securities. It aims to outperform Cash +1% (Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index + 1.0%) over rolling 3 to 5 year periods. The Fund may invest in a portfolio of global government, semi-government, corporate, mortgage, asset-backed, high-yield and emerging-market sovereign debt, and other fixed interest securities – while seeking to preserve capital through diversification and prudent investment management.


The Alpha Diversified Income Fund generally gains its investment exposure by investing in underlying strategies that provide exposure to a well-diversified portfolio of Australian and international fixed interest managers. The underlying fixed interest investments include a range of funds that invest in international and domestic bonds, corporate debt and asset backed securities. The underlying investment managers may utilise strategies for managing currency exposure.


There are no predetermined strategic asset allocation ranges in relation to the underlying funds or asset classes.

Key information overview

Minimum time frame info_outline

3-5 years

Date of inception

March 2012

Withdrawal of monies info_outline

Within seven days

Income distribution


Valuation frequency





Bloomberg AusBond Bank +1%

Responsible entity

Equity Trustees Limited

Indirect costs and performance fees

Refer to PDS

Unit Price

Unit Price

The Alpha Diversified Income Fund’s unit price are calculated daily, please refer to the PDS for information relating to the buy/sell spread.



The Alpha Diversified Income Fund’s returns are calculated after fees have been deducted, assuming reinvestment of distributions. No allowance is made for tax. *Benchmark – Cash +1% (Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Index + 1%).


Standard deviation


Outperformance since inception


Distribution yield


Annualised volatility vs benchmark

Fund performance report – 31 January 2019


Alpha Diversified Fixed Income Fund Distribution Return Growth Return Total Return Benchmark Return Outperformance
Month 0.00% 0.95% 0.95% 0.26% 0.69%
3 Month 2.84% -1.82% 1.02% 0.74% 0.28%
6 Month 2.86% -1.19% 1.67% 1.49% 0.18%
1 Year 4.91% -1.97% 2.94% 2.97% -0.03%
3 Years pa 3.06% -0.57% 2.49% 2.93% -0.44%
5 Years pa 3.47% -0.59% 2.88% 3.17% -0.29%

Investment Managers

The following Investment Managers sit within the Alpha Diversified Income Fund.

Pimco logo


PIMCO is a leader global investment management firm with more.....


Alexander Funds Management

Alexander Funds was established in 2009.....


Bentham Asset Management

Bentham Asset Management is a specialist global credit investment manager.....


Blue Quay Investment Management

Preserving investors’ capital is Blue Quays Investment Managements (BQIM’s) highest goal.....


J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is a leading asset manager for.....



Perpetual Investments is one of Australia's leading investment managers with.....


Vontobel Asset Management

Vontobel Asset Management is an active asset manager with global.....


Information on this page is general advice only and is not personal advice. It does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Please review a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement to determine if this is a suitable investment to meet your needs or speak to your financial adviser before you make any decision to invest.

Funds invested are not guaranteed and their value will rise and fall in line with market forces. Past performance is no guarantee of future return.