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Alpha Moderate Fund

The Alpha Moderate Fund is a broadly diversified investment strategy that has been designed with the potential to be used to be a ‘whole of portfolio’ solution for ‘Moderate’ risk profile investors.  The Fund aims to deliver total returns with an appropriate blend of capital growth and income and invests across a range of asset classes, including Australian and International Shares, Property Securities, Infrastructure Securities, Australian and International Fixed Interest, Cash and Alternatives.


The Fund will seek to invest in companies that demonstrate leading ESG and ethical practices while seeking to avoiding exposure to companies and issuers with Core business in activities which we consider to negatively impact the environment or society. Specifically, the Fund will not directly invest in companies or issuers with Core(2) business activities directly involved in any of the following activities:

  • Environmental Issues
  • Alcohol Production
  • Gambling and the Manufacture or Provision of Gaming Facilities
  • Manufacture of Non-controversial Weapons
  • Manufacture or Distribution of Pornography
  • Uranium Mining
  • Coal Mining
  • Oil Production

Core business activities are those defined by Alpha as being a company’s primary business activity.



Minimum initial investment


Minimum withdrawal


Buy/Sell spread

0.65% p.a.

Management costs (including service costs)

Investment objective
Asset allocation


The Fund aims to provide a return (before fees, and expenses) that exceeds the Fund’s benchmark over the medium to long term, with a focus on delivering an appropriate blend of both capital growth and income. The Fund’s benchmark is the Morningstar Australia Moderate Target Allocation NR AUD Index.


20-40% Growth Assets (including Australian Shares, International Shares, Property Securities, Infrastructure Securities and Alternative Investments*)

60-80% Defensive Assets (including Australian Fixed Interest, International Fixed Interest and Cash)

(Note*: 20% maximum for Alternative Investments).

Key information overview

Minimum time frame info_outline

3 years

Date of inception

9th September 2021*

Withdrawal of monies info_outline


Income distribution


Valuation frequency





Morningstar Australia Moderate Target Allocation NR AUD Index

Responsible entity

Equity Trustees Limited

Indirect costs and performance fees


*On the 9th September 2021 the fund changed its investment objective and benchmark and performance is reflected from this date.


The Alpha Moderate Fund’s returns are calculated after fees have been deducted, assuming reinvestment of distributions. No allowance is made for tax. *Benchmark – Morningstar Australia Moderate Target Allocation NR AUD Index.

Past Performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Fund performance – 31 July 2022

Fund Return Benchmark Return Excess Return
1 Month 3.01% 3.64% -0.63%
3 Month -1.17% -0.60% -0.57%
6 Month -6.75% -4.12% -2.26%
Since Inception -8.14% -6.17% -1.96%



Unit Price – 29 July 2022

Entry $0.7214
Exit $0.7179

Information on this page is general advice only and is not personal advice. It does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Please review a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement to determine if this is a suitable investment to meet your needs or speak to your financial adviser before you make any decision to invest.

Funds invested are not guaranteed and their value will rise and fall in line with market forces. Past performance is no guarantee of future return.