Alpha Alternatives Fund
Alpha Alternatives Fund

The Fund is suited to medium to long-term investors who seek the potential for alternative absolute returns strategies


Minimum initial investment


Minimum additional investment


Minimum withdrawal


Buy/Sell spread

2.15% p.a.

Management costs (including service costs)


Minimum balance

Investment objective
Investments held

The Alpha Alternatives Fund is designed for investors seeking strong long-term returns by investing in underlying strategies that provide exposure to a well-diversified portfolio of specialist Alternative investment managers. The Alpha Alternatives Fund will invest in equity long short, relative value, event driven, global macro and managed futures. The Alpha Alternatives Fund will actively seek to take advantage of strategic country and asset allocation, as well as security pricing opportunities, by investing in a diverse range of securities across the globe. The composition and performance of the Fund may differ significantly from its benchmark. The fund aims to outperform the Cash +1% (Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index + 1.0%) after fund fees and expenses, and before taxes over rolling 3 to 5 year periods.


The Alpha Alternatives Fund gains exposure to alternatives by investing in a diversified mix of Alternative based investment strategies that typically have low or even negative correlation to each other.

Key information overview

Minimum time frame info_outline

3-5 years

Date of inception

1st February 2013

Withdrawal of monies info_outline

Within seven days

Income distribution


Valuation frequency





Bloomberg AusBond Bank +1%

Responsible entity

Equity Trustees Limited

Indirect costs and performance fees

Refer to PDS


The Alpha Alternatives Fund’s returns are calculated after fees have been deducted, assuming reinvestment of distributions. No allowance is made for tax. *Benchmark – Cash +1% (“Bloomberg Ausbond Bank” + 1%).

Past Performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Fund performance – 30 June 2021

Fund Return Benchmark Return Excess Return
Month 1.36%  0.08%  1.28%
3 Month 4.61%  0.26% 4.35%
1 Year 12.54% 1.06% 11.48%
2 Years pa 9.29% 1.46% 7.84%
3 Years pa 7.68% 1.97% 5.71%
5 Years pa 2.75% 2.31% 0.44%
Since Inception 4.41% 2.82% 1.60%


Fund Information 30 June 2021
Application Price $1.0647
Redemption Price $1.0572
Size of Fund $6,270,297

There have been no material changes in the fund’s risk profile; strategy; or any change in the individuals playing a key role in investment decisions for the Fund since the last quarterly report.

Investment Managers

The following Investment Managers sit within the Alpha Alternatives Fund.

Alpha Alternatives Fund

Alpha Alternatives Fund

The Fund is suited to medium to long-term investors who seek the potential for alternative absolute returns strategies.


Premium China Funds Management

Premium China Funds Management (“Premium”) is a boutique funds management.....


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